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BESTKNOWN is an experienced outdoor media co. in shanghai. As the chosen advertising operator of ICSH, we unite the American business model with local experience, aimed at supporting the local market with international innovations and giving our clients unique media solutions.

     We are offering challenging and rewarding career opportunities for the company's strategic development; If you are team-oriented, highly self-motivated with good communication skills , keen to learn more and to grow up with our team, looking at the jobs below!


Jobs available:

Sales                 Apply


1.Two years' experience on marketing or sale with successful sale cases.
2. Good communication and learning skills, master at MS Office software.
3. Excellent skills on marketing and customer service, serious minded.

Designer            Apply


1.One years' experience on photo design or web design.
2. Has good drawing background and creative ideas.
3. Master at Photoshop, Coredraw, Illustrator, 3D-Max,AutoCAD, Macromedia Flash, FrontPage etc. software.


If interested in these positions, please send your resume in both English and Chinese to  Thank you!
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